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Assalamualaikum everyone! Haaa to all my followers especially yg berada di Singapura & Johor, do mark your calendar 27 July, 8.30pm as @keithfoo @marinayusoff76 @farahdilah_leamici @ranga132 and I will be making an appearance in telemovie khas Raya Sempurna sempena bulan Syawal yg bakal menjelma. Norman Ishak, Khalid Baboo & juga Nadiah pun ada =) mark tau mark! @flipsidestories #flipsidestories #mediacoro

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Congratulations Germany 🇩🇪 #germany #fifa2014 #hitler #gotze

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Bismillah… After so long of not appearing on Suria, I was given a chance to act for Raya Sempurna; a telemovie that will be aired in the upcoming festive season.

I almost cried when I stepped into SWAMI Sembawang. To my understand, majority of the old folks there suffer from dementia. And it was the first time for me to be in a place where, I wish such diseases never exist.

I tried to smile but most of them didn’t response (probably because they’ve never seen me). And there was a cheerful uncle who welcomed me with a big smile and wanted to hug me but I was rushing for my scene so I could just wave and say bye.

A plate of happiness 😋

Well spent Saturday 🐺🐱🐒🐼🐊 @wueija (at River Safari)

The morning will come, in the press of every kiss, with your head upon my chest. Where I will annoy you; with every waking breath until you decide to wake up. @erlanggasulaiman


I am beyond pissed that the CW didn’t give this show a real chance to flourish. These characters and the stars that play them are incredible. Never again will I find such a dynamic group of actors in one show. I also love the star crossed fandom, you have all been so amazing in our never ending…


so it’s official: the tomorrow people, star crossed and the carrie diaries have been cancelled by the cw



How can the cw justify cancelling star crossed and the tomorrow people but renew beauty and the beast. Like seriously their ratings were way worse than star crossed and the tomorrow people. I just cant believe it, another great show gets cancels because the CW are a bunch of idiots who only care about shitty storyline. This shit sucks.  


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