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"You were ready; the pain is strong and urges rise. But I’ll see you when He lets me; Your pain is gone, your hands untied…" #mh17 #malaysiaberkabung #justiceformh17

Grateful to have them in my life. Together since 1998. #ssujb

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Assalamualaikum everyone! Haaa to all my followers especially yg berada di Singapura & Johor, do mark your calendar 27 July, 8.30pm as @keithfoo @marinayusoff76 @farahdilah_leamici @ranga132 and I will be making an appearance in telemovie khas Raya Sempurna sempena bulan Syawal yg bakal menjelma. Norman Ishak, Khalid Baboo & juga Nadiah pun ada =) mark tau mark! @flipsidestories #flipsidestories #mediacoro

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Congratulations Germany 🇩🇪 #germany #fifa2014 #hitler #gotze

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Bismillah… After so long of not appearing on Suria, I was given a chance to act for Raya Sempurna; a telemovie that will be aired in the upcoming festive season.

I almost cried when I stepped into SWAMI Sembawang. To my understand, majority of the old folks there suffer from dementia. And it was the first time for me to be in a place where, I wish such diseases never exist.

I tried to smile but most of them didn’t response (probably because they’ve never seen me). And there was a cheerful uncle who welcomed me with a big smile and wanted to hug me but I was rushing for my scene so I could just wave and say bye.

A plate of happiness 😋

Well spent Saturday 🐺🐱🐒🐼🐊 @wueija (at River Safari)

The morning will come, in the press of every kiss, with your head upon my chest. Where I will annoy you; with every waking breath until you decide to wake up. @erlanggasulaiman


I am beyond pissed that the CW didn’t give this show a real chance to flourish. These characters and the stars that play them are incredible. Never again will I find such a dynamic group of actors in one show. I also love the star crossed fandom, you have all been so amazing in our never ending…


so it’s official: the tomorrow people, star crossed and the carrie diaries have been cancelled by the cw



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